Thatch Lapas

The following is a list of specifications that we uphold for our clients:

  • All our inside work is done with Cape Thatch reed.
  • Outside layer of thatch is done with top quality highveld grass and is packed at a minimum thickness of ± 175mm which ensures good compaction density and prevents water penetrating through grass.
  • All our structures are build with SABS approved (CCA treated) poles. Poles ranging from 75mm to 125mm in thickness.
  • All planting poles are embedded in concrete at a depth of 500mm.
  • Planting poles and horizontal poles range between 125mm to 170mm in thickness.
  • The coping of the thatch is finished off with a fiberglass mould (ridging)
  • Staining and varnishing of poles can be arranged at an additional price.
  • After completion of work, fire protection and lighting conductors can be arranged.
  • Our workmanship adheres to the SANS 10407 thatching regulations.
  • Workmanship on all our thatches carries a 3 year Warrantee.

Thatch Lapas – Open

Thatch Lapas – Closed and semi closed

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